"Make compassion a habit,

one mini act at a time."

What is humane education?


Humane education is a values-based education that promotes the teaching of respect, compassion and responsibility towards all people, animals and the planet. It recognises the interdependence of all beings, and highlights the interconnectedness between all issues of social justice, citizenship, the welfare of animals and environmental sustainability. It is a holistic educational approach that aims to create a more just, humane and sustainable world.

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News Literacy Workshop

To inspire our younger generations to become truly compassionate citizens, we first need to teach them how to acquire accurate information and think critically in order to identify systemic oppressions that are taking place in our society. What are the tools we can use to help them navigate this 'post-truth' world we're living in nowadays? In our news literacy workshops, we will discuss some major characteristics of fake news, biases in the media, and elements of credible journalism. We will also address the frightening phenomenon of cyberbullying, and the need for compassion in the cyberspace.
Interested in bringing a news literacy workshop to your school? Please contact us at info@miniactsgreatergood.org

Who are we?


Founded in 2015, Mini Acts for the Greater Good is a nonprofit organisation with the mission to inspire a culture of compassion, respect, and responsibility for all people, animals, and the planet through education. MAGG has been promoting humane education in Hong Kong through service-learning activities, educational events, school workshops, and teacher training, targeting a wide audience from kindergartens to universities.