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News Literacy Program

To inspire our younger generations to become truly compassionate citizens, we first need to teach them how to acquire accurate information and think critically in order to identify systemic oppressions that are taking place in our society. Every day, however, our students are exposed to a tremendous amount of misinformation and disinformation through conventional and social media. What are the tools we can use to help them navigate this 'post-truth' world? 

Our in-school workshops discuss some major characteristics of fake news, biases in the media, and elements of credible journalism. We also address the frightening phenomenon of cyberbullying, and the need for compassion in the cyberspace.

We offer two levels of news literacy workshops - (i) teacher training workshop (1.5 hour) and (ii) introductory workshop for students (1 hour; with age-appropriate content).


We'll also organise public lectures and panel discussions on news literacy so that the general public can also benefit from our program.


An online course on news literacy in Cantonese will also be introduced in 2020. Stay tuned!

**While we at MAGG believe in ethics and universal moral values, we do not indoctrinate any political views through our teaching. Our job is to provide the necessary tools for students to think critically and independently so that they can make responsible and compassionate choices for our society and the world.

​121 Refugee Buddy Project

Humane education encompasses the learning of all issues about human rights, animal protection and environmental sustainability. In Spring 2018, we'll be working with schools to address the global refugee crisis in their curriculum. 121 Buddy Project is a pilot project that runs over a semester. It aims to connect Hong Kong students with Syrian refugee children in Greece on a one-to-one basis (hence "121"). Children from both sides of the world will be able to share with each other via video conferencing stories about their lives, the challenges they face, and the dreams they dream. We will also be showcasing a selection of beautiful artworks created by the refugee children during their art therapy workshops on our partner schools' campuses. This project will not be possible without our new partner, Love Without Borders for Refugees in Need. If you want to know more about their amazing work done at refugee camps near the Greece-Macedonia border, check out the news coverage that features their art program -

The objective of this project is multifold: to raise HK students' awareness about the global refugee crisis; to help students build empathy for the most vulnerable people in the world; and to empower refugee children by showing and selling their arts on their behalf.

Rainworks in Hong Kong!


Student life in Hong Kong can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Pressure for perfection in this highly competitive society, bullying in the school environment, family or relationship issues... all contribute to the rise in cases of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression among our younger generations.


Mini Acts for the Greater Good is experimenting an artistic project inspired by Rainworks, Seattle, US. Rainworks are 'positive messages and art that appear when it rains'. They remain transparent on dry and sunny days. The aim of our project is to install rain-activated art near schools in Hong Kong to spread words of encouragement, compassion and positivity.


Our crew is working on a 'behind-the-scenes' video. We will also be putting up a rainworks map as our project grow bigger.
We would love to partner with any schools that are interested in installing rainworks in their school playgrounds. Please contact us via the form below or email us at for details.

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