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To get involved, you can:
- provide pro bono services if you are a professional in the legal field, graphic design, social marketing, PR, photography, IT & CRM;
- volunteer your time and be a helper at our upcoming events;
- make a donation* to support our operation;
- become a member by subscribing to our news and participating in our activities;
- connect us with your network in the education or nonprofit sectors; OR
- help us spread the word, 'like' our Facebook page, share our posts, follow us on Instagram!
Interested in helping us? Please email us at:
We need your help!
As a young organization, we do need your support to help us grow. A world full of compassion doesn't happen overnight. It will need continuous effort to mobilize our younger generations to develop mini acts of giving back into a habit. Right now we are relying on limited resources to run our programmes, so any form of support will be highly appreciated.

*Mini Acts for the Greater Good 微親善 is a registered limited company in Hong Kong since 2015. Our application for tax-exempt status under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of the HKSAR is currently being processed. Our organization is non-profit-making and we pledge to spend all received donations on our programmes. 

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