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Since our establishment in June 2015 to date:

- 10+ events (themes: social justice issues & environmental sustainability)

- 10 workshops and training

- 1 semester-long project

- 4 social media campaigns

- 450+ event participants

- 700+ students attended our workshops

- 100+ teachers attended our humane education training

14 partner organizations

- 6 media coverages

- 743 followers on Facebook

- 0 paid staff and a team of dedicated volunteers!

(Statistics as of July 2019)


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If you're a member of the media and

are seeking more information about

our organization, please contact us at


We invite nonprofits, schools, and ethical businesses to join us and work together towards a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world. Please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities:


Founded in 2015, Mini Acts for the Greater Good is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong. Our mission is to inspire a culture of compassion, respect, and responsibility for all people, animals and the planet through humane education. MAGG believes that by putting the cultivation of compassion at the heart of education, our future generations will be empowered to solve the most pressing issues in the areas of human rights, animal well-being, and environmental sustainability faced by the world today.

Our approach is to provide a platform for privileged young people to be aware of the challenges faced by the less fortunate, and understand the impact of their actions / inaction on others, and to equip them with the necessary knowledge, tools, and motivation to create a better world for all.


Due to the nature of our work (e.g. service learning), MAGG also actively contributes to the empowerment of and advocacy for vulnerable populations.



Mini Acts for the Greater Good is the only educational organization that promotes formal humane education in the city of Hong Kong. Humane education is a values-based education that promotes the teaching of respect and responsibility towards all humans, animals and the environment. It recognizes the interdependence of all beings, and highlights the interconnectedness between all issues of social justice, citizenship, the well-being of animals and environmental sustainability. It emphasizes the importance of systems thinking, critical thinking and fact-based learning. It is a holistic educational approach that aims to create a more just, humane and sustainable world.


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