The most effective personal choices to fight climate change

As the #noplastic and #nostraw movements are trending, we're somewhat led to believe if we reduce plastic waste we're playing our part to fight climate change. While we should all continue to opt out of single use plastic bottles, cutlery, shopping bags and packaging, there are actually many other things we can do (or avoid doing) in our everyday lives that are more effective in reducing our carbon footprints, according to the journal Environmental Research Letters published on July 11, 2017. The infographic shows that eating a plant-based diet, for example, is much more efficient in reducing our climate impact than replacing all light bulbs to energy-saving ones. The study argues that governments and schools are not emphasising enough on actions or personal choices that have greater potential to reduce carbon emissions. Perhaps it's time for us to revisit the notion of 'personal choices', if our 'personal choices' such as having 4 kids or driving an SUV could make so much negative impact on the world that we all share.

(Article: The most effective individual steps to tackle climate change aren't being discussed. Institute of Physics. July 11, 2017)

Travel enthusiasts, don't be disheartened by the report - you can always offset your carbon footprints by investing in green projects at the click of a button. Free CO2 emission calculators can be found on the Internet. is my favourite go-to website. Check it out!

*Special thanks to Marsha Rakestraw, Director of Education Resources at Institute of Humane Education for sharing this inspiring article with us.

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