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Truth in the 'Post-Truth' Era
Panel Discussion on Media Literacy

In these difficult times facing our city, Mini Acts for the Greater Good has decided to allocate more resources on developing our news literacy program because of its relevance.

Here at MAGG, we believe that it is more important than ever to know how to protect ourselves and our younger generations from being manipulated by media bias, misinformation, and fake news in this 'post-truth era'. News literacy is not only about applying critical thinking. It is also about our right to the truth, and our responsibility to stop spreading what is not real.

Apart from regular in-school workshops, MAGG will be hosting a panel discussion on media literacy open to all concerned members of the civil society this coming November. We'll invite academics, journalism and legal professionals to join the panel and share their insights on the topic.


Details of the event will be announced here and on our FB page in due course.

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