What we do

Mini Acts for the Greater Good is the only educational organization in Hong Kong that embraces humane education as one of the most holistic and most needed education frameworks at the present time. We offer a wide range of values-based learning workshops for students and humane education training for teachers in Hong Kong schools. We also run campaigns, projects, and organize events in the areas of social justice, animal protection, and environmental sustainability.


Through interactions with the less privileged and the marginalized in the society, our members will be given the opportunity to reflect on the impact of their everyday decisions, to understand the underlying systems that perpetuate the sufferings of humans, animals and the nature, and to develop the necessary skills, compassion, and motivation to create a better world for all.


Due to the nature of our work (e.g. humane education and service learning), we also actively contribute to the empowerment of and advocacy for vulnerable populations.

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